1:1 iPad Programme At The De Ferrers Academy

The de Ferrers Academy began to roll out 1:1 iPad in October 2012 as a pilot project with the sixth form and teachers. Feedback was incredibly positive and by September 2014 we had expanded the project to include every student in Years 10 -13, the entirety of Trent Campus, with a couple of bookable crates of iPad.

Our vision was based on 4 key areas:

To improve student learning outcomes
To equip all our students and staff with 21st century digital learning tools
To ensure that our 1:1 iPad programme is both 100% inclusive and sustainable
To leverage potential of mobile learning technologies to support 24/7 access to learning resources
By providing every student with access to their own digital device we have been able to significantly increase access to creative & organisational tools, online resources and more effective feedback and assessment.

Read More : http://www.deferrers.com/ipad

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