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The cornerstone of our services is our free diagnostic review that looks at how you can increase your sales, make more profit and pay less tax. It is practically a try before you buy option. It allows you to see that we don’t just follow procedures, but we really add value.

We can provide the services offered by larger acountancy practices and the work can be done by professionals who have experience in larger practices. Yet our quotes for comparable work have always been substantially lower.

We allocate a named client manager, but have at least two people who can cover each instruction we undertake. This eliminates the risk of instructing a one man businesses, where absences can render their services unavailable.

We specialise in tailor-made accounting solutions for individuals, small and medium sized businesses. We act as accountants for companies that do not have the budget or workload to justify employing their own accountant. We provide professional back up at affordable rates and can include this within a fixed price agreement.

Appointments can be at your premises or ours and your first appointment with us is free of charge.

The main benefits that we deliver are:

A working relationship that accommodates your needs.

A named personal contact who will find the answers to your questions and take control of your problems.

A team that will offer guidance and who are not just there to follow instructions.

A service that offers value for money to clients who come first.

To book your FREE diagnostic review, or for more information, email or call Burton upon Trent on (01283) 743851

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