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The Government is being urged to launch a major consumer awareness campaign to explain how GDPR will affect privacy rights, on the back of a new study which shows there could be a mass round of “right to be forgotten” requests simply because of widespread ignorance of the new regulation.
With no sign of the “massive” consumer campaign promised by the European Commission, the latest wave of The QT quarterly tracking study by media agency the7stars, highlights a lack of knowledge among consumers of the changes. Only one in four (27%) of respondents agree they have an understanding of what GDPR is and how it affects them.
Poor understanding of the regulation is further underscored by the fact that 75% of respondents believe the Government needs to make clear what GDPR is and how it is going to affect the British public before it is implemented through the UK Data Protection Bill. This view was particularly acute among those aged 65 and over (88%).

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