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Derby businessman Ed Hollands is set to appear on the current series of Dragons’ Den on February 11 2018.

The 23-year-old owner of DrivenMedia has spent the last two years building his business which uses the advertising ‘space’ on the sides of trucks and lorries to market products and services.

Hollands, who lives in Nottingham, works with a range of hauliers, advertisers and marketing agencies including Three Counties Contracts and The Outdoor Advertising Directory.

He came up with the idea soon after finishing a degree at the University of Derby where he achieved first-class honours in business studies.

His ‘eureka’ moment occurred while returning home after dropping his fiancé at work. He noticed numerous lorries and heavy good vehicles stationary in traffic on the A38, a main transport artery road within the Midlands transport network. Many were sporting plain colours, or plain white material along their length with no imagery to engage the eye or attract the interest of fellow motorists or pedestrians.

“I immediately began my research by literally standing on the side of the road and taking down the details of trucks and lorries. I then phoned the companies to find out if they would consider renting out their ‘space’ to potential advertisers. One finally agreed and others soon followed.”

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