If you go down to the woods today…

Woodland photography is something that we both enjoy and both always jump at the chance to take part in. That’s why when we saw that Rosliston Forestry Centre, Derbyshire, was holding a photography walk we crawled out of bed early on a cold Sunday morning to join in the fun.

Rosliston is in the heart of the National Forest in the Midlands. Set over 3 counties (Staffordshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire for anyone interested) the National Forest set out to transform 200 square miles of land and make a large forested area in the centre of England. It was designed over 20 years ago to show the benefits that having woodland near where people work and live can have. Now, more than 200,000 people live in this forest and it’s within 90 minutes journey time for around 10 million people. We are two of those 10 million people with the National Forest being right on our doorsteps.

Although we are local, Rosliston Forestry Centre is not somewhere we had visited before today so we had no idea what to expect. Initially developed between 1993 and 1997 Rosliston, situated in South Derbyshire, has a mix of woodland, fishing areas, walk and cycle routes (including cycle hire) along with plenty of things to keep little ones happy and a cafe.

The event we attended was a Photography walk which was part of the ‘Get Active in the Forest’ scheme which links in with a national scheme ‘Walking for Health’.

‘Get active in the Forest’ is an outdoor programme based at the Forestry Centre which encourages people to take part in sport and physical activity in the forest. It’s designed to be fun at the same time as you burn off the calories. The events are varied and are designed for beginners to be able to join in.

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