Lyndsay launches ‘Arts in the Forest’ exhibition

Burton and South Derbyshire College (BSDC) contemporary arts degree student, Lyndsay Thomson recently launched an art exhibition at Sharpe’s Pottery Museum, featuring her own artwork, as well as work created by fellow degree students and special guests.

The exhibition features an ‘Arts in the Forest’ display, which pays tribute to the local area, as well as artwork by BSDC textiles degree student, Bethany Smart, previous BSDC student and lace artist, Louise West and textiles artist, Sarah Baxter.

Students will be showcasing their creative efforts for members of the public to view at the museum between Saturday 4th and Thursday 30th March. This exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for Lyndsay and her fellow exhibitors to engage the local community by talking to people about their creations

Lyndsay Thomson said: “I volunteer at Sharpe’s Pottery, and I’m excited to be holding my own exhibition there. It’s a great opportunity for likeminded people to come together and network, as well as promote participatory art, which allows observers to have their own take on your artwork, as well as get the message out there that anyone can create art if they give it a go. Organising this exhibition has given me a lot of experience and I am planning to launch my own business in the future.”

Director of Creative Industries, Chris Beech, commented: “Lyndsay has done an excellent job organising this event and it is a fantastic opportunity for our students to showcase their hard work. The College is proud to work with local museums and galleries to develop and nurture the creative scene in Burton, South Derbyshire and the wider region, giving our learners access to real industry experiences for success in their future careers.”

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