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Yes, the rumours are true! Our popular Snapper Jaxx Kids’ Club is returning on Tuesdays from 11am-4pm, throughout selected school holidays!

Children are invited to attend the clubs for FREE, and join in with our various seasonal/ themed events that should have them giggling throughout.

Not only that, we also have a loyalty card to give out and reward families who attend four or more sessions with a goodie bag full of kid’s treats.

Have a peak below at the dates and events we have lined up this year!

20th February – Over the Rainbow
What’s your favourite colour? 
What do you think rainbows are made of?
Clara Colourpot and Sky will be leading a fantastical adventure of discovery and wonder as they take children on a magical journey. Expect story-telling, story creation, invisible painting, a bit of flying, the odd unicorn and the answer to the big question – what does live at the end of the rainbow?!

3rd April – Shooting Stars
Look up into the night sky… what can you see? Join Professor Planetarium and her assistant Asteroid for a cosmic adventure through the telescope, where planets turn and comets fly. Make your very own constellation, become weightless and shine like the brightest star you can be, but whatever you do… don’t fall into the black hole!

10th April – Farmyard Fun
Farmer Cowpat wants to enter the Snapper Sheep Dog Trials with his daft dog, Silly-Ears. Why not come by and see if you can help with the herding?

29th May – A Bug’s Life
Ida Insect and Christopher Cricket are creating a real buzz! If you love minbeasts, come along for a fun bug hunt.

24th July – Garden Gnomes
There’s a big problem at the bottom of the garden – and we need your help! Join Gnoreen & Gnogo the Gnomes for a tiny adventure on a big scale.
 Gnogo’s fishing rod has mysteriously disappeared and she needs the Snapper team to find out where it has gone.
 Did HogPog the Frog hop away with it?
Did Dilbert the dog dig a hole and bury it? Come along to the next Snapper Jaxx session for a great garden adventure!

31st July – The Big Bang
Benson Bunsen & Rita Reaction are set to change the course of science with their new explosive exciting experiment. They are trying to create a scientific formula for the creation of giggles, and will need all the help they can get!

Come along to the Snapper Jaxx lab to take part in a spectacularly smashing scientific story. Expect to be turned into dancing molecules and discover how solids turn to liquids and then gases. Also, expect a LOT of giggling.

7th August – Robot Boppin’
Ruby really, really, really wants to be a real robot and has been practising lots to try and make it! She needs help from all you Snapper Jaxx kids to train her up in the skills of robotics and help her perfect her mechanical moves. Join the Snapper Jaxx team for some day of clinking, clanking robot fun!

14th August – Let’s Go Camping
Pack your kit, we’re going on a camping holiday! In to the woods… the deep dark woods… Have you got your tent? Check! Have you got your torch? Check! Have you got your bear repellent? No? Oh no!!!!! Join Captain Camp & Wilder Wildernessicals to learn the basics of setting up camp, singing campfire songs and of course… how to not get eaten by a bear!

21st August – Roll Up for the Circus
Rita the Ringmaster is going to put on the greatest show on Earth! The only small problem she has is that she doesn’t have any acts… Can you and Leo the Lion help her creative a dazzling circus show in time?

28th August – Carnival Chaos
Miranda Maraca loves to party! Polly-Anna the parrot loves to party too! How about you? Join these fun friends as they prepare a carnival dance and get the party started.

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