Students set to develop exciting National Memorial Arboretum app

Graphic Design and IT students at Burton and South Derbyshire College are currently working with augmented reality company, Ooh-AR, to design an interactive digital trail for the National Memorial Arboretum’s augmented reality (AR) app.

The project is an opportunity for students to work with a creative company on a live brief to design the content for an app which will be used by visitors of the National Memorial Arboretum to enhance their experience.

The app aims to use augmented reality to allow visitors to see layered information about the Arboretum on their mobile devices as they walk around the site’s 150 acres of land, which encompasses 30,000 trees and more than 300 dedicated memorials.

A group of 60 Graphic Design and IT students recently visited the Arboretum to be given a tour of the grounds by Arboretum volunteers and be briefed on the project by Andy Jackson, Director at Ooh-AR.

During the workshop, students pitched their concepts and ideas to Ooh-AR, and the group of students with the best ideas and vision will now go on to be selected to work alongside the company to develop the interactive digital trail for the app.

Andy Jackson, Director at Ooh-AR said: “Augmented reality is about linking the real world with a digital space. The purpose of this app will be to utilise the technology available to provide visitors of the Arboretum with a richer experience, adding a digital element to their visit. The students have proposed some exciting and original ideas which we will look forward to progressing with them as the project develops.”

Paula Kovacs, Inclusion Officer at the National Memorial Arboretum commented: “We are extremely excited to have launched the project with BSDC students and Ooh-AR. We’re looking forward to seeing the innovative ideas that students have to make a dynamic app that will encourage a wider audience to visit the Arboretum. We feel an augmented reality app will add another dimension to the visitor experience and will allow us to provide a more personalised and interactive approach.”

Rob Goodyer, Head of Business Development and Employability at BSDC added: “This is an exciting project that is seeing our Graphic Design and IT students using their respective skills to work with a professional augmented reality solution company on a live brief. The app is part of a range of enriching partnership projects that the College is undertaking with the Arboretum. Taking part in employer projects and real life work experience provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop the skills and experience employers are looking for.”


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