Thinking outside the tin: The disruptive UK food brands going for growth

Thinking outside the tin: The disruptive UK food brands going for growth
06/02/2018 in Growing your business, International trade, Starting your business, Sales and marketing, Meet the member, and Brexit

Ian Hills, Enterprise Nation member and founder of marketing and PR consultancy Purple Pilchard, looks at British food brands that are defying the doom and gloom.

There’s a lot of negative, empty noise out there at the moment; impact of Brexit, sliding pound, stuttering productivity, climbing raw materials costs…

I’m not suggesting these issues don’t exist or are merely a figment of the Daily Mail’s imagination.

I’m confident however that against this gloomy economic backdrop a number of resourceful food & drink businesses will always swim against the tide of conventional thinking, creating genuine buzz both at home and abroad.

Everywhere there are emerging brands hungry to change the nation’s food landscape for the better. Today’s consumer is less willing to accept bland, over-processed food solutions, fuelling an appetite for change.

Today a growing platoon of well-drilled ‘army ant’ brands are munching their way through corporates market shares with thoughtful, tailor-made solutions. These attentive brands stand tall and won’t worry about ruffling a few feathers along the way.

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